Wash Wars

Wash Wars is the epic, competitive, car washing reality show. Brought to you by the Car Wash Guru and World ChampionBentley Brandon of Luxury Wash, regular, every day people compete to defeat each other in a battle royale of busting suds! One-on-one, competitors go hard or go home! The drama, the intrigue, the laughs, the comedy. It’s all about style, strategy, and washing cars to win.

For over 20 years, Bentley Brandon has studied, perfected, and innovated new approaches to handwashing and detailing all kinds of vehicles. With Bentley’s new approaches, a wider world of success ascended him to the throne of the auto care and detailing industries. So, where does Wash Wars come in? Think about it, how many cars could you wash in a matter of an hour with celebrity judges assessing your skills? Now, you see where the competition is obvious.

Is Wash Wars a blend of finesse, no stress, and being the best? Oh, yes! Competitors slide and bounce across the asphalt, slinging soap bubbles in a storm of wash cloths and elbow grease. From the headlights to the taillights, from the roof to the wheels, Wash Wars soldiers wage battle against each other, time, and grime. In between competitions, contestants show their lighter sides of cutting up, joking around, and even busting a dance move or two.

Competing for $10,000 dollars, the cast of ten competitors bring their flash and flare for car washing to every action-packed episode. The classy, cool Tiara Sade provides the suds and rinse for each contestant while they wash and dry their Wash Wars cars. Keeping competitors from crazed conflicts when the competition is intense is Wash Wars’ very own, Crispy Clean, the Enforcer, and Officer Brown. Crispy Clean makes sure the competitors keep their hands on their cars and off of each other. Officer Brown keeps the peace but adds to the entertainment. Tiara, Crispy, and Officer Brown keep you glued to your seat for every round as soon as the spirits are high, and the suds hit the ground.

The celebrity judges bring their critical eye and clever character to the forefront of each episode, calling out competitors who bring less than business and brilliance to the game. If you don’t come correct, the Wash Wars celebrities’ judges will definitely put you in check. The range of reactions to contestant skills and passion from Fabo of D4L, Pimpin’ of Dem Franchize Boyz, and Ten Music the Songstress scream volumes of excitement for Wash Wars’ high-stakes competition.

California car culture kings, Big Boy and Xzibit shared their thoughts on Wash Wars and Bentley Brandon. Big Boy, world famous deejay, veejay, and entertainment personality, gave Wash Wars and Bentley Brandon’s innovation the highest praise as funny, entertaining, and visionary. Xzibit, West Coast hip hop royalty and the originator of MTV’s “Pimp My Ride” gave Wash Wars and Bentley Brandon a proud shout out with the supportive phrase, “To keep it going!”

So, click on washwars.com and catch the latest round of the premiere, competitive car washing extravaganza!… Wash Wars!

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